About Me

am passionate about helping people work out what their dream life looks like, and then plan how to get there.

Whether you are just starting out, exploring what you really want out of life, or have started that journey and need some fine tuning and realignment, I’d love to join you on your journey.

Are you a dreamer, a non-conformist? Are you looking for a way to live a life you love, pursue your passions and make a difference in the world?

Please get in touch! I can help you take practical steps towards living your dream life.


If you’re a solopreneur and your business has taken over your life, I can help – as a blend of coach, consultant and mentor. Together we can realign your business to fit with your ideal lifestyle, vision and values. You can have more time, impact and money.

I’ve always known I want more out of life, and have taken the unconventional path at many points, from leaving university at 19 to move to Canada, to redesigning my life now to be able to spend every winter in the mountains.

Some people tell me I want too much, that I should settle for a “normal” life. I’ve thought about it, and often wondered if I would be happier if I could be content with a little life.

But I can’t. I want a life of passion, and purpose, challenge and fulfilment.

And while I may not be able to have everything I want, all at the same time, I do know this..

If I want something bad enough, I make it happen.

And so can you.

If you’re thinking – Yes this is me! How do I do this?


I started a business to have freedom, but now my business is running my life.

Let’s talk and start your journey.


Perhaps more important than my professional experience, is my experience of life as an adventure, my willingness to step off the conveyor belt, to make my own life choices, to dare to be different. 

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Phone: 07712 426097



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